Getting arrested in a small town like Wilton Connecticut causes professional and personal embarrassment. After you’ve been booked, fingerprinted and photographed by the Wilton Police—no matter which crime you’re arrested for in Wilton—the Wilton Police will then release your mug shot and an arrest report summary to local online news websites like the Wilton Bulletin.

So it is possible to get your Wilton Connecticut arrest dismissed quickly?

If you’re a first time offender, then usually it is, but you’ll need to act quickly to get prepared for your first court date. Here’s some info to get started…

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A Connecticut arrest for second degree assault with a motor vehicle may not sound as serious as assault in the first degree, but when the injuries are caused as a result of a Stamford Connecticut DUI / DWI, the penalties for this offense can expose you to up to 10 years in prison as a major felony.

That’s why your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer must aggressively assess two key issues in your case: (1) the extent of injuries, and (2) whether the prosecutor can prove intoxication.

As any of the best Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun Casino criminal lawyers and attorneys understand, a Mohegan Sun arrest carries the same penalties and life consequences as an arrest in any Connecticut city or town. The misdemeanor or felony charge will immediately be made part of your record and will show up on any employment or finance-related background check. Your arrest can also show up on the internet—particularly online police blotter pages of the Norwich Bulletin or New London Day websites.

So if you’ve been arrested at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino, keep reading to learn how to fight your Mohegan Sun arrest and whether you can get the criminal charge dismissed quickly and cost-effectively.

We’ve seen a lot in the news lately (particularly Fox News) about how accusations of sexual harassment and having affairs by or with your boss can lead to lawsuits for sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

But what if the affair with your boss in Connecticut is consensual? Is that still considered sexual harassment? Can a Connecticut employer company still get sued?

100 percent. Here’s why…

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The good ol’ days of leaving your child in the car while you run a quick errand are long gone. Too many tragic cases of baby hot car deaths and heat suffocation deaths have caused law enforcement to enforce a zero tolerance policy.

But what about when it’s not hot? Or when you just want to run into a store or your friend’s house for just a minute while your toddler is sleeping and the air conditioning is keeping your children cool and safe?

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As any top UConn Rockville criminal lawyer knows, the most common arrests at UConn are for Disorderly Conduct, Fake IDs, and Marijuana Possession. Disorderly Conduct arrests always tend to be the most challenging, as these arrests arise from fights at bars, off-campus parties, or domestic violence disputes between boyfriends and girlfriends.

So what’s so tricky about a UConn Disorderly Conduct arrest?

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As the best Yale New Haven criminal lawyers know, all your years of studying and hard work to get to Yale University can go up in smoke if your Yale University arrest, criminal case and school discipline hearing is not handled properly. The New Haven Connecticut criminal courts do not extend special treatment to you because you go to an Ivy League school. In fact, New Haven courts and prosecutors generally expect more from you if you’re a Yale grad or undergraduate student.

So if you’re facing a Yale University arrest and school discipline hearing, contact a top Yale New Haven criminal lawyer attorney who regularly defends Yale criminal cases, and who can work with you and your family to try and get your case dismissed quickly, and even more importantly, protect the integrity of your Yale University transcript.

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It’s prom and graduation party time in Connecticut. And it’s also the time when many of the best Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys get calls from parents who want to know if it’s legal to serve alcohol at a prom or graduation party.

Short answer: It’s not.

And it’s not legal to let the kids bring their own alcohol to your house, basement, pool house, or anywhere else on your property. Darien, New Canaan and Greenwich Connecticut police are stepping up underage drinking law enforcement during prom and graduation party time, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself arrested for a felony, as well as publicly shamed and humiliated online and on Google with arrest reports and mug shots.

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Last week’s press release from Connecticut’s prestigious boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall revealed that sex abuse allegations can trigger a police investigation and can lead to criminal arrests and civil lawsuits, even 30 years later.

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A lot of Connecticut drivers don’t know this, but you can get arrested in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut for driving while on prescription medication and drugs.

Even if a doctor told you it’s okay to drive while on the medication.

Sound fair? Not really. And not to many of the best Greenwich and Stamford DUI / DWI criminal lawyers who have been fighting this issue in the Stamford criminal courts over the past decade.

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