Connecticut’s Insurance Department continue to investigate insurance brokers for any type of misconduct that comes across their radar, even innocent mistakes. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal at first, but what many people don’t realize is your insurance license could be revoked if your case is not handled properly.

As many of the best insurance broker investigation lawyers in Connecticut understand, once you receive notice from the State of Connecticut Insurance Department that there will be an Enforcement Action Hearing (which you will be required to attend), you need to take this seriously. These hearings can result in fines, probation, or even revocation of your insurance license.

Which begs the question… do I need a lawyer for a Connecticut Department of Insurance investigation or enforcement action hearing?

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After a DV arrest in Connecticut, people immediately start thinking about divorce, custody and asset protection.

Specifically, a first-time / first offender domestic arrest in Greenwich, Darien or Westport Connecticut can have you—as either the victim or arrestee—asking these difficult, big picture questions: Do I want to stay in this marriage? How can I protect myself? Is my spouse cheating on me? Do I need a safety plan? And how can I protect my assets after a Connecticut domestic violence arrest when my husband or wife controls all the family money, properties and bank accounts?

All valid questions that need to be investigated immediately…

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Connecticut prosecutors are strictly enforcing its 3-strikes law for repeat offender DUI and DWI arrests.

Almost everyone understands the gravity of drinking and driving and the potentially devastating consequences it can have on your career, family and freedom.  As any of the best Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers know, when a driver has already pled guilty to a Connecticut DUI / DWI, and is again arrested in Connecticut for DUI under CGS 14-227a, a Connecticut second offense DUI lawyer can provide life-saving insights and defense strategies.

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Is it good news that Connecticut legislators have decriminalized marijuana? Sure, but the change in the law has caused headaches for Connecticut teenagers and their parents.

As many of the best criminal lawyers in Greenwich, UConn and New Canaan Connecticut know, instead of arresting Connecticut teenagers for Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia, they issue violation and infraction tickets to teenagers and adults who possess less than one-half ounce of marijuana or paraphernalia.

Which begs the question…should I plead guilty by mail to my Connecticut marijuana possession ticket under CGS 21a-279a? The cops are telling me it’s “no big deal.”

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According to reports, up to 20 Connecticut towns will soon be joining a nationwide lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies who manufacture and market opioids like OxyContin.

These towns and cities include Norwalk, Darien, New Milford and Waterbury Connecticut.

The lawsuit claims that these drug companies and pharmacies who sell Oxy and opiates don’t adequately warn consumers just how dangerously addictive these painkillers and prescription drugs are.

Perhaps there’s merit in the lawsuit. But even more telling of this bombshell lawsuit is the message that top Connecticut criminal lawyers believe it sends to law enforcement: arrests, criminal records and jail sentences are not the solution either.

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Your first court appearance for a Greenwich domestic violence arrest for Disorderly Conduct C.G.S. 53a-182 can be overwhelming. You face a tough interview from Family Relations, followed by a 5-on-1 arraignment hearing.

Here’s what to expect and how to get in front of your Greenwich Disorderly Conduct arrest…

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New Canaan & Darien Police can’t help themselves lately. They continue to release arrest reports and mug shots of New Canaan and Darien arrests to the local online media, who then plaster it on their websites, tweet out the arrest stories, and even send the arrest reports by email blast as “breaking news” stories.

Why do Connecticut police departments feel obligated to share this private information of arrest reports and mug shots with these online rags? It’s the law, they will say, and they’re right about that. The Freedom of Information Act (called “FOIA”) requires them to make these records available to the press.

But here’s what these police departments aren’t telling you: this release of information, and the subsequent humiliation to your child and family can actually be avoided…

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Very few things can be more devastating as a parent than having your son be wrongfully, and publicly, accused of rape.  I’ve defended Greenwich Connecticut rape investigations for over 15 years and even if your son is cleared, the stigma from the investigation can be life-changing if it’s not handled properly. And I’m just talking about accusations, not even arrests.   

Some of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers are seeing a surge of rape accusation cases among hard-partying millennials, where accusations and insinuations of rape, sex assault, or aggressive sexual behavior, are being published online—often anonymously—and specifically on social media.   

As a result, reputations of Greenwich, Darien and Stamford teenagers and college students are being permanently tarnished without any accountability for the accusers. 

So if your son is being accused of rape or sex assault in Greenwich, keep reading to learn how you can take immediate action, work with a lawyer to prevent an arrest, and restore your son’s reputation. 

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Some of the best boarding schools in the country can be found in Connecticut: Choate Rosemary Hall, the Taft School, Hotchkiss, Loomis Chaffee and the Kent School.

But if your child is being accused of rape or sex assault at any of these Connecticut boarding schools, you need to protect them from criminal and civil penalties as soon as you learn about the accusations. Not only is their professional reputation at stake, but their freedom is as well if the accusations rise to a criminal level.

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As many of the best Connecticut child pornography criminal lawyers and attorneys know, a typical child pornography prosecution can start like this:

6 in the morning there’s a loud knock at your door.

At least 5-7 Connecticut police officers or FBI agents are at your front door with a search warrant signed by a Connecticut judge, authorizing these officers to enter your home and to seize and search all of your computers, iPads, iphones and other electronic devices. They can and will take everything they want (even your children’s electronics and hardware)—at their sole discretion—and will usually confine you to a room or allow you to leave after they search you.

This is the typical Possession of Child Pornography search warrant scenario in Connecticut, and top Connecticut child porn lawyers and attorneys are seeing enforcement dialed up as child porn sharing technology over the internet escalates.

So if you’re the target a Connecticut child pornography search warrant or investigation, keep reading to learn how to best protect yourself and your family.
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