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Recent high profile arrests at UConn have led UConn police and prosecutors to enforce a zero tolerance policy against UConn underage drinking, UConn Fake IDs, drug crimes and sex assault accusations.

While UConn police may be well-intentioned in dialing up enforcement, the best UConn criminal lawyers and attorneys agree that the consequences of arresting UConn students for crimes like Fake ID possession, Forgery, Underage Drinking and Marijuana Possession undermines the message they are trying to communicate.

These mistakes should be teaching moments, not career-jeopardizing, criminal court cases. So if your child has been arrested at UConn Storrs and has court in Rockville Superior Court, here’s how to fight these UConn arrests for a dismissal and expungement…

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As any top UConn Rockville criminal lawyer knows, the most common arrests at UConn are for Disorderly Conduct, Fake IDs, and Marijuana Possession. Disorderly Conduct arrests always tend to be the most challenging, as these arrests arise from fights at bars, off-campus parties, or domestic violence disputes between boyfriends and girlfriends.

So what’s so tricky about a UConn Disorderly Conduct arrest?

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