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If you or your child have been arrested for shoplifting / larceny in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Norwalk or Darien Connecticut, then there are 3 things you need to know before you set foot into a Connecticut criminal courtroom. The upscale shopping promenades in Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport and Darien Connecticut lend themselves to lots of big spending and fancy shopping, but these boutiques can also be a tempting target for shoplifters.

That’s why we’re letting you in on 3 secrets to fighting Connecticut shoplifting arrests that they won’t tell you in court…

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As Christmas holiday shopping goes into full swing, so does the risk of getting arrested for shoplifting in Stamford, Norwalk and Greenwich Connecticut. Top Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut shoplifting larceny lawyers and attorneys are seeing an increased vigilance by Greenwich, Norwalk and Stamford Connecticut department stores and shopping centers, who are now enforcing a zero tolerance policy against shoplifters. Video surveillance technology and capabilities are sharper than ever, resulting in more Connecticut arrests for shoplifting and larceny in the sixth, fifth and fourth degrees. Yet no amount of Christmas cheer or spirit can help you fight your Stamford or Norwalk Connecticut arrest for shoplifting, especially when your shoplifting arrest was due to an oversight, mistake, depression, or other mental health condition.

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Why do people who have money feel the need to shoplift? It’s actually not just about money…sometimes it’s about mental health.  In fact, a closer look at shoplifting and larceny arrests in Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford Connecticut by top Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut shoplifting criminal lawyers and attorneys suggests there may be a legitimate mental health reason to explain why people shoplift.  As a result, the best Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien Connecticut Shoplifting Larceny criminal lawyers are now getting Connecticut Shoplifting arrests dismissed on psychiatric and mental health grounds.

Exactly how are they doing this?  Keep reading to learn more…

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