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Mixing business, romance, and sex can lead to messy situations at your job. Despite all the recent high profile sexual harassment accusations in the news (Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, etc.), having sex with your boss is not necessarily against the law in Connecticut. But as the best Connecticut sexual harassment lawyers and attorneys can explain, when the sex becomes a condition of your employment, it triggers Connecticut “hostile work environment” discrimination and retaliation laws that can protect you and your employment.

What makes these cases even messier is when your boss rapes, sexually assaults you, or gives you a sexually transmitted disease (an STD) like genital herpes or genital warts.

That’s when you may be able to sue your boss and employer for damages…

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Maybe it’s the Harvey Weinstein case and the resulting outrage. Or maybe it’s the recent surge of sex assault and sexual harassment cases on college and high school campuses and off-campus parties.

Whatever the cause, there’s something happening in Connecticut high schools…and I’ve seen it firsthand…

They are getting their Title IX act together.

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Another dick pic case walked into my office last week. Apparently it’s the new normal.

It makes so much sense when you look at it from a generational perspective. You’ve got the millenials (those born between the 80s and late 90s).   During their teenaged and college years, the millenials texted, sexted, online dated, and were much more sexually liberated than their parents. They just had much more access to sex and its participants. Their smartphones, coupled with internet hookup sites (and reruns of the Jersey Shore) accelerated the entire hookup process.

And in lieu of foreplay or “wining and dining” (expect cross eyes from any millennial if you mention either of these concepts)–a sexy Snapchat photo coupled with a 140-character flirty message was all it took to seal the deal or let them know you cared after the hookup.

Now the millenials are all grown up and are in the working world. And from what I’m seeing in my Connecticut sexual harassment cases, they are driving the Gen Xers—especially the divorce (and married) guys out of their minds!

And that’s where the dick pic problem comes in…

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We’ve seen a lot in the news lately (particularly Fox News) about how accusations of sexual harassment and having affairs by or with your boss can lead to lawsuits for sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

But what if the affair with your boss in Connecticut is consensual? Is that still considered sexual harassment? Can a Connecticut employer company still get sued?

100 percent. Here’s why…

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As the best Yale New Haven criminal lawyers know, all your years of studying and hard work to get to Yale University can go up in smoke if your Yale University arrest, criminal case and school discipline hearing is not handled properly. The New Haven Connecticut criminal courts do not extend special treatment to you because you go to an Ivy League school. In fact, New Haven courts and prosecutors generally expect more from you if you’re a Yale grad or undergraduate student.

So if you’re facing a Yale University arrest and school discipline hearing, contact a top Yale New Haven criminal lawyer attorney who regularly defends Yale criminal cases, and who can work with you and your family to try and get your case dismissed quickly, and even more importantly, protect the integrity of your Yale University transcript.

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Last week’s press release from Connecticut’s prestigious boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall revealed that sex abuse allegations can trigger a police investigation and can lead to criminal arrests and civil lawsuits, even 30 years later.

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You don’t have to look very far in the news to know that rape and sex assault investigations on college campuses, including UConn, Trinity, Quinnipiac, Yale, Fairfield and Southern Connecticut Universities, can get you or your child expelled. Shockingly, the New York Times recently reported that 1 in 5 college females will be the victim of a sexual assault during college (with 80 percent of those assaults involving alcohol, according to the study).

So it’s no surprise that the top Connecticut criminal and Title IX school discipline lawyers and attorneys are seeing a stunning escalation of investigations and enforcement of student conduct codes when it comes to investigation accusations of rape and sex assault. The old mantra of “No Means No” no longer suffices. The best Connecticut college and university criminal investigation law firms are now seeing that an explicit “Yes” must be communicated for consensual sexual contact in college.

But can you really expect your college-aged teenager to appreciate and understand these legal nuances, especially when the stakes of their educational and professional futures are at risk? And who’s educating them on these news laws and procedures anyway? The answers are hazy and very well may require parents to take a more proactive approach to educating their teenagers…

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Who would’ve thunk? Washington DC police are searching for two women accused of sexual assault—accused of twerking to background music playing in a DC area gas station. DC police are calling it a sexual assault. And as much of a joke as this may sound at first, a closer look at the video surveillance recordings reveals two women allegedly forcing themselves upon an unsuspecting male gas station customer who was just drying to get a cup of coffee—twerk-free!

However, the bigger issue here…and the one that resonates most with the best Stamford & Greenwich Connecticut sexual assault criminal lawyers is that arrests like these speak loudly and clearly to sex assault police and DAs that should be prosecuting sex assault arrests in Connecticut with parity and equality.

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Having practiced law long enough in Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” suburban towns and communities which are populated with hedge funds and Fortune 500 companies, the best Greenwich, Stamford and Westport Connecticut sexual harassment attorneys and lawyers frequently see hedge fund and finance executives get away with egregious acts of sexual harassment and abuse. Regardless of whether the corporate or hedge fund bosses are having affairs with their subordinates or support staff, making offensive and sexually suggestive comments around the office, or sending sexually inappropriate emails and texts, there is clearly a growing sense of entitlement and rules-don’t-apply-to-me attitudes festering among both male and female executives in many Stamford, Greenwich, Westport, and Darien Connecticut private and public companies, including hedge funds and private equity funds.

But can a low-level employee really take a powerful Connecticut hedge fund or corporate executive to task for sexual harassment? Absolutely. Keep reading to learn more about your rights and what you can do stop feeling victimized and violated…

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