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Connecticut lawmakers are finally catching up with teenagers and technology.

Last week, a new Connecticut law went into effect that at long last protects and provides legal relief for Connecticut teenagers experimenting with “sexting” (that’s when teenagers consensually swap naked photos of each other with their cell phones).   The new law finally distinguishes teenage sexting from traditional child pornographers and child predatory crimes.

Under the new law, sexting between certain minors is no longer a felony crime that can be transferred to adult court and carries years of mandatory jail time. Now it’s a Class A misdemeanor for juveniles under 18.

Yes, it’s still a crime, and still serious, but no longer carries the devastating career-killing, life-changing consequences that engaging in this conduct threatened our teenagers with before this new law was enacted.

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Very few things can be more devastating as a parent than having your son be wrongfully, and publicly, accused of rape.  I’ve defended Greenwich Connecticut rape investigations for over 15 years and even if your son is cleared, the stigma from the investigation can be life-changing if it’s not handled properly. And I’m just talking about accusations, not even arrests.   

Some of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers are seeing a surge of rape accusation cases among hard-partying millennials, where accusations and insinuations of rape, sex assault, or aggressive sexual behavior, are being published online—often anonymously—and specifically on social media.   

As a result, reputations of Greenwich, Darien and Stamford teenagers and college students are being permanently tarnished without any accountability for the accusers. 

So if your son is being accused of rape or sex assault in Greenwich, keep reading to learn how you can take immediate action, work with a lawyer to prevent an arrest, and restore your son’s reputation. 

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Some of the best boarding schools in the country can be found in Connecticut: Choate Rosemary Hall, the Taft School, Hotchkiss, Loomis Chaffee and the Kent School.

But if your child is being accused of rape or sex assault at any of these Connecticut boarding schools, you need to protect them from criminal and civil penalties as soon as you learn about the accusations. Not only is their professional reputation at stake, but their freedom is as well if the accusations rise to a criminal level.

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As many of the best Connecticut child pornography criminal lawyers and attorneys know, a typical child pornography prosecution can start like this:

6 in the morning there’s a loud knock at your door.

At least 5-7 Connecticut police officers or FBI agents are at your front door with a search warrant signed by a Connecticut judge, authorizing these officers to enter your home and to seize and search all of your computers, iPads, iphones and other electronic devices. They can and will take everything they want (even your children’s electronics and hardware)—at their sole discretion—and will usually confine you to a room or allow you to leave after they search you.

This is the typical Possession of Child Pornography search warrant scenario in Connecticut, and top Connecticut child porn lawyers and attorneys are seeing enforcement dialed up as child porn sharing technology over the internet escalates.

So if you’re the target a Connecticut child pornography search warrant or investigation, keep reading to learn how to best protect yourself and your family.
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Over the past 3 weeks of the Bill Cosby trial, my clients and many of the top criminal lawyers in Stamford and Greenwich have asked me if I think he will be found guilty of the sexual assault of Temple University employee back in 2004. The clients don’t quite understand how the police could arrest him now…13 years later…for something the police investigated in 2005.

My answer is and has always been: No. He will walk. He will not be found guilty.

As the best Yale New Haven criminal lawyers know, all your years of studying and hard work to get to Yale University can go up in smoke if your Yale University arrest, criminal case and school discipline hearing is not handled properly. The New Haven Connecticut criminal courts do not extend special treatment to you because you go to an Ivy League school. In fact, New Haven courts and prosecutors generally expect more from you if you’re a Yale grad or undergraduate student.

So if you’re facing a Yale University arrest and school discipline hearing, contact a top Yale New Haven criminal lawyer attorney who regularly defends Yale criminal cases, and who can work with you and your family to try and get your case dismissed quickly, and even more importantly, protect the integrity of your Yale University transcript.

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Last week’s press release from Connecticut’s prestigious boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall revealed that sex abuse allegations can trigger a police investigation and can lead to criminal arrests and civil lawsuits, even 30 years later.

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Getting accused or investigated for rape / sex assault in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut can wreak havoc on your personal and professional lives. As any of the best Greenwich and Stamford criminal lawyer and attorneys know, Stamford and Greenwich sex crimes detectives work in a specialized unit called the “Special Victims Unit” or “SVU.” And anytime a rape accusation is called into the police, these Stamford and Greenwich SVU detectives launch into investigation protocols that include interrogating the suspect, taking a rape trauma kit from the accuser, and pressuring the suspect to give a DNA sample.

So, how can you protect yourself if you’ve been falsely accused of rape in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut?

For starters, here are 3 things you should know right now…

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As a criminal lawyer in Fairfield County Connecticut, I’ve seen the same jilted mistress / girlfriend movie all too many times.

All these cheating and sugar daddy websites like and start off the same…a presumed “no strings attached” affair between an older, wealthier male and a younger, beautiful woman. At the outset, the terms are simple: man cheats with woman in exchange for him buying her and her friends nice stuff. They travel the world, stay at the best hotels, see the best shows, and enjoy the best restaurants and clubs.

And then…most of the time…it all goes to sh*t.

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With nearly 2500 students and a robust social scene that includes fraternity and sorority parties (18% of students participate in Greek life), it’s no surprise that Trinity College is cracking down on student drinking and marijuana use, as well as aggressively investigating rape and sexual misconduct allegations through Trinity College disciplinary and Title IX rules and regulations when required.

So if you or your child has been arrested at Trinity College, it’s critical that you consult with a top Trinity or Hartford Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney who has experience in fighting both the arrest in Hartford criminal court, as well as the Trinity College school disciplinary proceedings which will inevitably ensue as a result of the arrest.

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