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There are thousands of Uber & Lyft of drivers in Connecticut, many who drive full-time or as a way of supplementing their income.

But what happens when an Uber or Lyft driver is arrested in Connecticut? Do they automatically lose their Uber / Lyft license to drive?

Not necessarily…
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Over 51 million Americans are going to travel over 50 miles from home this Thanksgiving. A record high…according to the American Automobile Association.

So what does this mean for Connecticut drivers? More DUI / DWI sobriety checkpoints set up by State Troopers and Stamford & Greenwich Connecticut Police.

What happens during these checkpoint stops? And how do you fight a DUI / DWI checkpoint arrest? Here are 3 things to know right now…

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Recent high profile arrests at UConn have led UConn police and prosecutors to enforce a zero tolerance policy against UConn underage drinking, UConn Fake IDs, drug crimes and sex assault accusations.

While UConn police may be well-intentioned in dialing up enforcement, the best UConn criminal lawyers and attorneys agree that the consequences of arresting UConn students for crimes like Fake ID possession, Forgery, Underage Drinking and Marijuana Possession undermines the message they are trying to communicate.

These mistakes should be teaching moments, not career-jeopardizing, criminal court cases. So if your child has been arrested at UConn Storrs and has court in Rockville Superior Court, here’s how to fight these UConn arrests for a dismissal and expungement…

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Utah police got it completely wrong this summer when they arrested a nurse for refusing to allow Utah police to draw blood from an unconscious truck driver involved in a car wreck.

After a quick investigation, the charges were dropped, the arresting officer was fired, and his supervisor demoted.

The nurse’s knowledge of the law and courage were remarkable, yet not every health care professional is willing to stand up to police like this.

That’s why it’s critical that you understand your rights at any Connecticut hospital, regardless of whether you’ve been arrested in Stamford or Greenwich hospital for DUI / DWI, or are being investigated for DUI / DWI.
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Connecticut prosecutors are strictly enforcing its 3-strikes law for repeat offender DUI and DWI arrests.

Almost everyone understands the gravity of drinking and driving and the potentially devastating consequences it can have on your career, family and freedom.  As any of the best Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers know, when a driver has already pled guilty to a Connecticut DUI / DWI, and is again arrested in Connecticut for DUI under CGS 14-227a, a Connecticut second offense DUI lawyer can provide life-saving insights and defense strategies.

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A Connecticut arrest for second degree assault with a motor vehicle may not sound as serious as assault in the first degree, but when the injuries are caused as a result of a Stamford Connecticut DUI / DWI, the penalties for this offense can expose you to up to 10 years in prison as a major felony.

That’s why your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer must aggressively assess two key issues in your case: (1) the extent of injuries, and (2) whether the prosecutor can prove intoxication.

A lot of Connecticut drivers don’t know this, but you can get arrested in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut for driving while on prescription medication and drugs.

Even if a doctor told you it’s okay to drive while on the medication.

Sound fair? Not really. And not to many of the best Greenwich and Stamford DUI / DWI criminal lawyers who have been fighting this issue in the Stamford criminal courts over the past decade.

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Whether you’re a Connecticut resident who has been arrested on I-95 or the Merritt Parkway, or you live out of state and were arrested on I-95 in Connecticut for DUI / DWI, Reckless Driving or Evading Responsibility, then you will need to understand the criminal court process. And perhaps the most concerning consequences of a Connecticut I-95 arrest are (1) that you will have to report to the courthouse closest to the arrest (not closest to where you live), and (2) that with most I-95 Connecticut arrests, your drivers license privileges are at risk of being suspended.

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If you or your family member have been the victim of a DWI / DUI / drunk driving arrest in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien or anywhere in Connecticut, then you know how stressful it is to have to deal with chasing down insurance companies, getting your car repaired, and dealing with doctors, in addition to coping with your injuries, emotional trauma and court-related stressors from being a victim of a Connecticut DUI / DWI / drunk driving arrest.

That’s why some of the top Connecticut DUI / DWI victim lawyers and attorneys offer assistance to DUI / DWI victims in both the criminal and civil courts. For more clarity on the court process, we’ve laid out 3 practice points you should know immediately after being the victim of a Connecticut DUI / DWI / drunk driving accident…

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There’s no question that Connecticut lawmakers are getting tougher on DUI / DWI / OUI arrests in Connecticut. Last year, we saw a new law passed that required anyone arrested for DUI in Connecticut under CGS § 14-227a or CGS § 14-227g to install an “ignition interlock device” (called an “IID”) in their cars – even if they never pled guilty to a Connecticut DUI / DWI and even if their case got dismissed.

This year, Connecticut lawmakers raised the stakes with a new law that goes into effect in October that will all but guarantee jail if you’re convicted of drunk driving with children in your car…

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