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Is it good news that Connecticut legislators have decriminalized marijuana? Sure, but the change in the law has caused headaches for Connecticut teenagers and their parents.

As many of the best criminal lawyers in Greenwich, UConn and New Canaan Connecticut know, instead of arresting Connecticut teenagers for Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia, they issue violation and infraction tickets to teenagers and adults who possess less than one-half ounce of marijuana or paraphernalia.

Which begs the question…should I plead guilty by mail to my Connecticut marijuana possession ticket under CGS 21a-279a? The cops are telling me it’s “no big deal.”

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There’s a severe-sounding felony drug crime being charged in Connecticut called “Operating a Drug Factory.”

The irony here—and what flummoxes even some of the best criminal lawyers & attorneys in Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport—is that you don’t need to operate a so-called “factory” (or even a lemonade stand) to get pinched for this serious felony crime.

All it takes is a bit of weed and a scale, or even a box of Ziploc plastic baggies.  Keep reading to learn how to push back on this frequently over-charged crime.
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With nearly 2500 students and a robust social scene that includes fraternity and sorority parties (18% of students participate in Greek life), it’s no surprise that Trinity College is cracking down on student drinking and marijuana use, as well as aggressively investigating rape and sexual misconduct allegations through Trinity College disciplinary and Title IX rules and regulations when required.

So if you or your child has been arrested at Trinity College, it’s critical that you consult with a top Trinity or Hartford Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney who has experience in fighting both the arrest in Hartford criminal court, as well as the Trinity College school disciplinary proceedings which will inevitably ensue as a result of the arrest.

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The best criminal lawyers in Fairfield Connecticut get calls at all hours of the night from panicked Fairfield University students who have been arrested and don’t know where to turn. With recently enforced zero-tolerance policies on the Fairfield University campus, getting in trouble at college no longer results in just a “slap on the wrist.” The top Fairfield Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers are now seeing more Fairfield University arrests for Possession of Marijuana or Narcotics, Forgery / Fake IDs, Assault, Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, and other crimes.

So are your college and professional careers over because you got arrested at Fairfield University by the Fairfield Police Department? Not even close. But you need a lawyer. You need to call your parents. By all accounts, the wrath of your parents will pale in comparison to the penalties meted out in the Connecticut criminal courts. So keep reading for tips on trying to avoid a criminal record and expulsion for your Fairfield University arrest…

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Connecticut teenagers and college students look forward to the summer – school’s out, their friends are back in town, and musicians from all over come to play concerts nearly every weekend. Hartford, Connecticut is home to the XL Center and Xfinity Theater – formerly known as the “Meadows.” And as anyone who has been to an outdoor concert knows, the party can start well before the concert, with tailgating, hanging out in the parking lot, and sometimes, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana by minors.

Concert venue operators would probably prefer to turn a blind eye to underage drinking, but the risks of injury, lawsuits, and intoxication and other crimes associated with excessive underage drinking and marijuana use have left Xfinity Meadows operators and Hartford police with no choice but to aggressively prosecute teenagers ticketed for Minor in Possession under 30-89 and Possession of Marijuana under CGS 21a-279a. Thankfully, however, the best Hartford criminal lawyers and attorneys have figured out how to beat these tickets.

So what’s the secret to fighting a Hartford Connectiuct ticket for Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana? Keep reading to find out…

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It’s a fun but risky combo—drinking, gambling, bars, and concerts with general admission mosh pits. No matter what your vice is, the Mohegan Sun Casino has been offering up a good time for millions of patrons for years. But once in a while, a fun night can get a little out of control and you can find yourself arrested by the Tribal Police at Mohegan Sun for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, or Narcotics Possession and ordered to Norwich Superior Court to face your charges. And as any of the best Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun criminal lawyers and attorneys would tell you, these cases must be taken seriously, as they are usually misdemeanor or felony charges that, if not handled properly, can end up on your record permanently.

So what are the odds of getting your Mohegan Sun arrest dismissed?  Much better than those at the craps table…

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The growing popularity of “Skittles” parties among Connecticut teenagers is causing Connecticut parents and educators to get real about teenage prescription drug addiction. The concept is terrifyingly simple…teenagers ransack their parents prescription drug cabinet for drugs like painkillers, oxycontin, Adderall, Xanax and Ambien…they pour all of the stolen pills into a plastic bag…they bring the pills to a party…and then they get together and pool the pills together with other stolen pills brought by their friends.

Then the teenagers take turns popping the pills like Skittles candy. The result: they either get high, overdose or go to the hospital and die.

Connecticut parents…are you paying attention yet?

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Until recently, for those of us longtime Connecticut residents, and for many of the top Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys, it was hard to believe that the tribal police forces patrolling Connecticut’s luxury casinos—Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods—did not have legal authority to arrest non-American Indians on their casino grounds. That is, until late 2013, when Governor Malloy backed a law that gave power to these Tribal Police departments to arrest anyone at Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods for Breach of Peace, Possession of Narcotics, or any other crime in the Connecticut books. Now, two years later, the top Norwich and New London Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys are seeing a rise in Mohegan Sun arrests and Foxwoods Casino arrests flowing into State Superior Courthouses.

The new law raises some jurisdictional questions that your top Connecticut criminal lawyer should have a handle on while defending you. If you are arrested at Mohegan Sun Casino, are you subject to Tribal law? Or does federal or state law apply? Will you have to appear at all in Mohegan Sun Tribal Court? All fair questions that are fleshed out below…

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It was just a few years ago when Connecticut teenagers, college students and Deadheads were high-fiving each other when news that certain amounts of marijuana possession in Connecticut would be decriminalized. The problem is that no one read the fine print. Now, the best Connecticut marijuana possession lawyers are getting flooded with calls from parents and teenagers who are experiencing the consequences of mailing in a guilty plea by mail to Stamford, Greenwich and Darien Connecticut marijuana possession CGS 21a-279a tickets.  Usually the problem arises because the teenager does not want his or her parents to find out about the ticket so they pay the fine without telling their parents. Or, the parents pay the fine, neither knowing nor appreciating the consequences of pleading guilty by mail to marijuana tickets or speeding tickets. (What parents should do is fight the marijuana possession ticket – click here for more info). Regardless of how it happened, what matters is that these guilty pleas by mail not only result in a mandatory driver’s license suspension in certain circumstances, but even worse, the marijuana possession conviction remains on a person’s employment background check forever. Similarly, people who are checking the guilty box and mailing in their Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut speeding tickets are not realizing what a headache and blemish it is to their driving record and insurance premiums when they find out their Connecticut driver’s license is getting suspended.

So can anything be done to reverse your Connecticut guilty plea by mail to marijuana and speeding tickets? Can you actually put the genie back in the bottle?   Yup. Here’s how to get started…

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We get this call all the time.  I just got a ticket in Darien, Greenwich, Fairfield or Stamford Connecticut for 21a-279a Possession of Marijuana.  It’s no longer a crime.  It’s just an infraction.  Just a fine.  No probation.  So should I plead guilty by mail to this Connecticut 21a-279a Possession of Marijuana Ticket?

Absolutely not. Here’s why…

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