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Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Connecticut usually means parties, presents, drinks, and (unfortunately) family drama, which can lead to arrests for Disorderly Conduct, CGS 53a-182 in Greenwich, Stamford and Wilton Connecticut.

So don’t let the holidays get away from you with a Disorderly Conduct arrest in Stamford or Norwalk Court. Here are 3 resolutions that may help you get your case dismissed quickly and cost-effectively…

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This is my second remembrance and tribute blog posting in a week’s time. Until last week, I’ve never even considered writing one. Yet this week the legal community—as well as the Fairfield County Community as a whole—lost another remarkable legal professional, as well as a wonderful human being, to cancer: Dr. Paul Turner, a veteran forensic evaluator.

Paul—and he preferred to be called Paul rather than Dr. Turner—worked for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) for 26 years, first as a forensic evaluator for 17 years, and then for 9 years as a mobile crisis evaluator. During those 26 years, he provided the Connecticut Superior Courts—the criminal, family and juvenile courts—with over 5000 forensic evaluations. During the 10 years or so that I worked with Paul, I never met a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, divorce lawyer, or court social worker that ever questioned the integrity of a Paul Turner evaluation report.

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Gun control is a perpetual hot topic around the country, especially during this election year. And Connecticut lawmakers have joined the debate by passing legislation that seeks greater protection for Connecticut domestic violence victims when it comes to temporary restraining orders.

The issue on the table? Whether gun owners who have a temporary restraining order against them—that is, one issued by a judge before the gun owner is able to be heard in court—should have the right to possess guns and firearms while the application is pending.

Starting October 1, gun ownership by people subjected to temporary restraining orders will be illegal, and Second Amendment advocates are fuming…

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It’s one of the easiest arrests for Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and Connecticut police to make. It’s Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182, one of the lowest level misdemeanors and perhaps the most frequently charged crimes in Connecticut. But no matter how minor the incident may be, the crime is still a misdemeanor and will still tarnish your record, causing havoc to your online reputation, and employment background checks.

So why are the top criminal lawyers in Greenwich, Darien and Stamford Connecticut seeing so many Disorderly Conduct arrests in the domestic violence courts? It’s a combination of the unfair overbreadth of the Connecticut Disorderly Conduct statute, coupled with law enforcement’s tendency to be overly cautious in making arrests to essentially kick the can to the courthouse to fix a tense domestic situation.

The best criminal lawyers in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien Connecticut are frequently see family and divorce case drama spill into criminal court, specifically the Stamford, Danbury and Norwalk Superior Court domestic violence dockets. The best family court lawyers in Fairfield County are routinely leveraging an adversary spouse’s arrest in divorce court, filing emergency motions for custody, supervised visitation and drug testing, based on minor arrests and allegations of Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace in the Second Degree and Interference with Police. DCF is called in more for show than substance, and by that point, you can’t blame the family court and criminal court judges for hesitating and issuing onerous Full No Contact protective orders until the dust settles.

What are the top criminal law firms in Greenwich, Darien, Stamford, Ridgefield and Westport Connecticut doing to fight back? For starters, they are invoking a little-known and seldom-used Connecticut Practice Book device in the Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury and Norwalk domestic violence courts that automatically appoints a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”) in the criminal courts, many times separate and distinct from the GAL assisting in the family court action. It’s one of the best keep secrets in Connecticut DV court…

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The best Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and Westport Connecticut get this question all the time: is it against the law for a party to a phone call to secretly record the phone call without the other caller’s knowledge or consent? The legal questions arises often among the best Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut divorce and family lawyers who are embroiled in nasty below-the-belt divorces. Top Connecticut criminal lawyers get retained to consult on eavesdropping issues in the course of bitter business litigations and disputes where secret phone recordings mysteriously pop up in discovery. And if you’re a top Greenwich, Stamford or Connecticut divorce lawyer or family attorney and need to advise your client on whether it’s legal to secretly record phone conversations, then you should have a handle on Connecticut—as well as federal—eavesdropping laws.

So what’s the latest on Connecticut and federal eavesdropping and recording laws? A quick primer is offered below…

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It’s a fun but risky combo—drinking, gambling, bars, and concerts with general admission mosh pits. No matter what your vice is, the Mohegan Sun Casino has been offering up a good time for millions of patrons for years. But once in a while, a fun night can get a little out of control and you can find yourself arrested by the Tribal Police at Mohegan Sun for Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct, Assault, or Narcotics Possession and ordered to Norwich Superior Court to face your charges. And as any of the best Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun criminal lawyers and attorneys would tell you, these cases must be taken seriously, as they are usually misdemeanor or felony charges that, if not handled properly, can end up on your record permanently.

So what are the odds of getting your Mohegan Sun arrest dismissed?  Much better than those at the craps table…

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Getting arrested in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, or Danbury Connecticut for a domestic violence crime like Disorderly Conduct, Assault Third Degree, Breach of Peace, or Threatening can shake up any family. As the person arrested, your first inclination is to do whatever it takes to get the charges dismissed. So when most people arrested for the first time in Connecticut for a domestic violence crime arrive in court, they are immediately ordered to speak with a Family Relations Officer. As the best Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers know, these are court officers whose task is to conduct a quick safety assessment to not only determine the terms and conditions of a possible domestic violence restraining order, but to also provide some guidance to you about the criminal court process. As it’s your first day of your first arrest in Connecticut, you are understandably nervous and are likely to ask Connecticut Family Relations officers questions about how to get your case dismissed, as they are often your first point of contact in the Stamford, Norwalk or Danbury Connecticut criminal courthouses.

But here’s the problem—what these Family Relations Officers don’t tell you is that many of them are under a mandate to refer you to the Family Violence Education Program (also called the “FVEP”)—a Connecticut first time offenders anger management program that will result in the automatic dismissal of your Connecticut domestic violence arrest. It’s also no coincidence that the State of Connecticut makes a sweet profit on every Family Violence Education program application and enrollee. Moreover, these Family Relations Officers are not lawyers and should not be advising you about anything related to the resolution of your criminal charges.   So before you rush in and apply for the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program, here are 5 reasons not to do it…

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Getting arrested in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182 can seem like a no-win situation. If you try to defend yourself without a lawyer, the prosecutor or judge may arm-twist you into pleading guilty for a small fine and a permanent criminal record. While a Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest is one of the least serious crimes in the books, it’s also one the peskiest, as prosecutors will often want to plead you out quickly to this misdemeanor, or a Connecticut Creating a Public Disturbance infraction, which will stain your record forever. Just ask any of the best Stamford, Greenwich or Norwalk Connecticut criminal lawyers or attorneys…if you just got arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich or Westport Connecticut, then you will be tossed into the vortex of the Stamford or Norwalk Superior Courts with little idea of what’s going on or how to get your Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest dismissed quickly.

So don’t get run over by the wheels of the Connecticut criminal court system for your Stamford, Greenwich or Darien arrest for Disorderly Conduct. Take control of your case by taking a look at these 3 important tips on getting your Connecticut arrest for Disorderly Conduct dismissed right now…

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The best Stamford, Greenwich and Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers frequently see Connecticut domestic violence arrests get nasty. A verbal or physical altercation between spouses can lead to an arrest, which can subsequently lead to one spouse consulting with a divorce lawyer. Then the gloves come off, and the next thing you know, your husband or wife is trying to parlay their role as a “victim” in their Connecticut domestic violence case to their advantage in divorce court. It’s a scene that top Stamford, Darien and Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys see all too often. These “victims” dispatch their big ticket divorce lawyers into Connecticut criminal court to demand super-restrictive protective orders, onerous conditions of release (such as drug testing and anger management), and even worse, restraining orders that get you kicked out of your own home.

But have hope—there are several ways to throw a wrench into this judicial machine. Keep reading to learn more on how to stop your criminal case from being clouded by top Stamford Connecticut divorce lawyers who tread the waters of Connecticut domestic violence courts on behalf of their victim-clients.

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