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The Admission Process for Global Entry & TSA Pre-Check

For frequent air travelers, the Global Entry / TSA Pre-Check Trusted Traveler programs have been a welcome relief for travelers frustrated by long security lines at U.S. airports.  With a valid Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check membership, you no longer have to unpack your computer, take off your shoes, belts and coats, or be patted down by TSA agents.

For our readers who are not so familiar with the programs, Global Entry is a United States trusted traveler program allowing expedited passage and screening through U.S. customs for international travelers.  Even better, once accepted into Global Entry, you automatically qualify for TSA pre-check which allows you to fly through security lines for domestic flights in most US airports.

For some people, however, the eligibility and application process may be just as frustrating as a 2-hour security line.  According to a New York Times article, 3 to 5 percent of the 30,000 Global Entry traveler applications submitted each month are rejected.  Most common reason?  Criminal background checks come up with some sort of red flag that causes the application to be rejected prior to any interview.

The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have been following this issue closely and have fielded calls regarding this difficult Global Entry application process.  We have been successful in appealing the denial of Global Entry applications and are ready to assist you in getting your application approved.

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