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Bullying and cyber-bullying in the Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Fairfield and New Canaan public and private highs schools and middle schools can wreak havoc on a child and their parents if not addressed swiftly and appropriately by school administrators. As parents of millennials know all too well these days, cyber-bullying and harassment in Connecticut high schools do not always end at the last school bell. The bullying and harassment is often extracurricular—spilling over to social media websites and iphone apps like Facebook, SnapChat, Kik and Twitter.

Parents of cyber-bullying victims in Stamford, Greenwich and Darien are often frustrated, as they do not know how to protect their children from cyber-bullying. They often look to the school for assistance, but there still are not clear-cut procedures and penalties in place to protect victims of bullying in Greenwich, Westport and Fairfield high schools. While schools try, they often fail, due to lack of experience and resources. This can be incredibly frustrating for parents, and dangerous for a bullied child, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-bullying in Westport, Fairfield and New Canaan.

But there’s now some hope—as a new federal law is being introduced in Congress that would force most high schools and colleges to take action. Keep reading to learn more…

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This week’s arrest of 7 Sayreville, New Jersey high school football players has reignited a nationwide discussion about the terrors of high school bullying and what high school administrators, teachers, coaches and parents can do to put a stop to this epidemic. It also hits home as a recent article in the Connecticut Law Tribune entitled “Connecticut Schools Hit with a Rising Number of Bullying Lawsuits” reports on the increasing number of parents who are finally taking a stand against bullies on behalf of their kids and filing bullying lawsuits. But the question remains…how do we solve this bullying problem?   Are criminal arrests the answer? Expulsions? Civil lawsuits against the bullies and their parents? More education and prevention?

As the top bullying lawyers in Connecticut will tell you—it’s a combination of all of the above.   Keep reading to learn more…

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An NFL-commissioned investigator issued a report this week finding that several Miami Dolphin football players contributed to severe workplace bullying and harassment of fellow team members.  At first glance, the thought of grown men making fun of each other in a locker room, exchanging trash talk and perhaps engaging in light hazing could seem harmless in the context of an NFL sports team locker room.  But the report issued by the NFL investigator revealed something much more serious—racial intimidation, sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, and physical bullying and hazing—all of which led the bullying target to even contemplate suicide.

Would this type of workplace bullying behavior be illegal in Connecticut?  Absolutely, as it provides the grounds for civil lawsuits to be brought against the bullies and the employer.  Is it criminal?  Possibly, and in today’s sensitive and vigilant anti-bullying climate, you can expect law enforcement to take bullying and hazing complaints like this very seriously.

Here’s why…

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