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As I was attending the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day service in Stamford last month, it became clear to me that there’s very little being taught to kids today about the Holocaust.  Is the subject going to inevitably be a footnote in their world history courses?  It’s remote and almost impossible to grasp in gravity and concept by today’s teenagers. I have yet to see a high school reading list or syllabus with any meaningful Holocaust survivor works, which certainly leaves little room or interest in second generation—and now third generation—Holocaust literature.

Enter Connecticut’s Michael Barrett. If you’re one of the few people in Fairfield County law enforcement who don’t know him, then you’re missing out on a remarkable man. Retired veteran Westport Police Department Detective. Noted Statewide sketch composite artist. Jazz musician. Private detective. And gifted writer who has reminds us of the devastating aftershocks of the Holocaust in his thrilling and thoughtful novel Shoshana

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